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DIGITAL REVOLUTION - Over the last 10 years, the print market has altered somewhat with smaller print run quantities and a new arena has been born – digital print. There is still the traditional lithographic printing for longer print quantities but the designer can now work digitally and ultimately this has opened up ‘The Digital Age’, allowing smaller more directed marketing at an economic price. Dependent upon the desired market and the required objective each method (litho or digital) has its own merit. We have a wide variety of software, with PC and Mac computers, print (both digital and traditional litho) machines and extensive finishing equipment.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS - Another area that has become of prime importance to our industry is the environmental issue. A few years back we got involved with the Bellamy Initiative that promotes the planting of trees.

That’s not all. We want to encourage local schools to make the most of their grounds by planting trees. This helps create woodland habitat, increases bio-diversity and, most importantly, provides an excellent learning resource — planting the trees, watching them grow, seeing how wildlife is encouraged and charting the changing seasons and weather.

We need your help… Our partner’s tree appeal will plant a tree for every 20 orders we receive. You can make a difference by choosing us for your leaflets, stationery, posters and other printing and telling your friends about our Trees for Schools campaign. Help us reach our target of planting 100,000 trees (we’ve already passed the 70,000 mark).

We are very conscious of the environment and the impact industry has on it. We are happy to support favourably other like minded companies, and have a green policy throughout our services. For instance, we use vegetable based inks rather than oil based, we recycle our waste paper and card, we do not use aggressive solvents, We recycle our toner cartridges, we source our paper from sustainable forests (planted by the paper industry), we favour local suppliers throughout the manufacturing process. We encourage our suppliers and customers to think likewise because it benefits us all.